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Oral Sedation

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding “Sleep Dentistry” is it’s safety and effectiveness.  Below you will find some information that will help answer some of these concerns.

There is a choice of sedation medication that can be used.  The choice is customized based on your individual medical history.  98% of our patients use Triazolam.This medication has been used for many, many years and has now found a home in dentistry.  In 1996, it was prescribed over 26,000,000 times. 
The historical safety alone gives us great confidence in using Triazolam. In addition, while you’re sedated you are continually monitored for blood pressure, oxygen and pulse.  Baseline readings are taken at your first visit.

The most common side effects of this sedative aid are dry mouth and hiccups.  The hiccups usually last only a few moments while you’re sedated and the dry mouth wears off with the medication.

Some people ask, “what if I’m too sedated?”  The pharmacology and pharmokinetics used today is just fantastic.  We have a reversal agent that can wake you up with no side effects.

Call us for more on the effectiveness of “Sedation Dentistry” and wake up to a new smile!

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